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Franchise Evaluation Attorney— Buying a Franchise in Georgia

While the thought of owning your own franchise and venturing out into the marketplace can be very exciting, it is crucial to take a step back and make sure that all aspects of a franchisor-franchisee relationship are properly evaluated with your interest being a priority.

At Witterman Law Group, LLC, we represent franchisors and franchisees throughout all phases of their relationship in the greater Atlanta area. To arrange a consultation with a Roswell/Alpharetta franchise law attorney, call our firm today at 770-649-7796.

Providing a Realistic Assessment of Your Situation

At our firm, experienced lawyer Richard Witterman works closely with our clients, advising them on all aspects of franchise law, including:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Franchisee obligations and rights
  • Business operations
  • Local market competition
  • Leasing space
  • Incorporation
  • Financial considerations
  • Franchise litigation

As with any business relationship or contractual situation, it is important to avoid “putting the cart before the horse” in franchise law situations. We can help you examine all the implications of your decision to start a franchise and take the right steps in the proper order so you can avoid any unnecessary complications.

For example, it is absolutely necessary to examine not only your own situation, but that of the marketplace as well. Do you have a lot of direct competition in a very small market? Does the franchisor you are going to be working with have a good reputation? Finding the answers to these questions is key.

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